Editing Services

We at Booksharks understand that the book is a product of your creativity and hard work and should remain true to your vision. We only make changes and recommendations on MS Word track changes feature allowing you to keep/discard/rework as you find appropriate.We specifically focus on the opening, ending and crucial plot twists to help readers stay with your book.

Whenever a manuscript comes to us for editing we assess the level of editing required, unless specified by the author.There are basically three types of editing that we do:

1. Proof Reading/ Word Level Edit-This address  typos, repeated words, spelling, punctuation and formatting issues.

​2.Stylistic Editing/Language Editing- Involves checking sentences for clarity and flow and addresses grammar, usage and consistency issues in the manuscript.

3. Substantiative Editing/Developmental or Structural Editing- Involves an assessment of the structure of the book to see how everything hangs together. The editor identifies problem areas- authenticity issues, digression from the main narrative, gaps in character or plot development, issues/inconsistencies in the narrative voice and missing context (factual or emotional). Wherever possible, we make recommendations on how these problem areas can be fixed/improved/ worked around so that the core of the story is not clouded by them.

To get a quote, please drop us a mail with your queries at booksharks.reviews@gmail.com. Please don’t forget to mention the number of words in your manuscript.
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